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What is Bobath Therapy?



The Bobath approach to the treatment of clients with neurological disabilities was pioneered by Mrs Berta Bobath MBE, FCSP, PhD (Hons) in the 1950s. It has achieved international recognition as one of the foremost approaches to the treatment and management of people with neurological conditions. The concept continues to be developed by Bobath therapists working in this specialist field.

The aim of the Bobath treatment is to improve or restore function following neurological impairment. Treatment is tailored to clients’ individual needs and is based upon an assessment of their abilities and analysis of their movement disorder. This is achieved through the use of specialised handling techniques that help to reduce spasticity and facilitate more normal movement.

Bobath Training is only undertaken after a Physiotherapist has qualified and has decided to specialise in the field of neurology.

We use other techniques alongside our Bobath knowledge to provide the best all round treatment that we possibly can, aimed at restoring function and independence.



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