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Marathon Man


Eddie hits the road see Tim at 1:18 Video Link

Warm up

Tim prepares Eddie with his morning warm up

Running together

Tim helps motivate Eddie

Eddie hits the wall. See Tim at 1:15 and 2:40  Video Link

massage bed

Working on Eddie's soft tissue tightness

Eddie battles through. See Tim at 30secs, 42secs 1:25. Video Link

Street running with Eddie

Tim support running with Eddie through South Africa

Another early start see how Tim gets Eddie ready with his warm up 1:10. Video Link

Rainbow shade

Shielding Eddie from the intense heat


Tim applying percutane

long and winding road

Keeping Eddies mind on track

Eddie battles through both blistering 39 degree heat. See Tim at 1:48. Video Link

Eddie really enjoying Tims treatment!

Celebrating finishing 27 marathons under Nelson Mandelas statue.

BBC three interviewed Tim and asked him for some ‘pro tips’ and his views on endurance exercise. Click here to read the interview.

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