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Rotator Cuff Repair

This surgery is used to repair a torn rotator cuff tendon. It is usually completed via arthroscopy (minimally invasive) with a small open incision to perform the repair. Different surgeons have different protocols regarding post operative sling use and Physiotherapy.

Usually the sling has to be worn for the first three weeks whilst you are in a period of movement called passive. Passive movement means that the operated arm can only be moved by a therapist or by your unaffected arm during exercises. Exercises for the stabilising muscles around the shoulder blade are important at this stage to normalise scapulothoracic biomechanics.

After three weeks you can usually progress onto active assisted movement, this is where slight muscle activity is encouraged in a limited range to promote strength within the repaired tendon. Sling use at the stage is usually less restrictive ie: you can take the sling off at home when relaxing or completing activities that do not put too much stress through your shoulder joint but are advised to wear it out for protection.

At six weeks the repaired tendon will be repairing and strengthening and you will move onto active movement which is unrestricted. You will also be able to discard the sling. Your exercise programme at this stage may include advanced strengthening exercises with resistance bands.

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