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Joint Disruption

Acromioclavicular joint problems can arise from a traumatic injury (side impact to the shoulder – common in rugby tackles or walking into a door frame) or from a degenerative change within the joint.

Pain is often very specific over the ACJ and is increased by activities involving the affected arm crossing the midline.
For acute ACJ problems following trauma early Physiotherapy can encourage the repair of the ligament that usually supports the joint. It is this ligament that gets overstretched with trauma and causes the classic up shift of the collarbone (clavicle) against the acromion.

There are three types of separation. Type I and II involves a minimal or partial tear to the ligament and these cases are usually managed with non surgical methods such as Physiotherapy.

Type III involves a complete tearing of the supporting ligaments and depending on the intensity of pain, hand dominance and physical activity levels will determine whether surgery might be an option.

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