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Ski Fit Exercises

Below are some general exercises to help prepare you for skiing or snowboarding.  All exercises should be pain free, if you have any concerns or are not sure if they are are appropriate for you to do, then please call the clinic to discuss with one of our physiotherapists.  We can also carry out a full ‘pre-ski’ assessment and supply you with a tailor made exercise programme.

Start by sitting on the edge of a chair with your feet below your knees.

Cross your hands over your chest.

Slowly stand up and then slowly sit down.

Repeat 10 times.




Start by leaning with your back against a wall with your feet approximately 1 foot from the wall. (The further your feet are from the wall, the more difficult the exercise).

Slowly slide down the wall until your thighs are horizontal (or until comfort allows).

Slowly slide back up until you knees fully straighten.

Repeat 10 times.

Try holding at the lowest point for longer periods of time to make the exercise more challenging.





Start with one leg on the bottom step of your stairs with the foot inline with the edge of the step.  Use your hands on the wall or banister for balance if required.

Slowly bend the knee of the leg that is on the step until the hanging leg lightly touches the floor.

Then slowly extend the knee until fully straight.

Repeat 10 times then swap legs.





Start by standing on one leg with the knee slightly bent.

Place or imagine markers on the floor, point the toe of the hanging leg and move it slowly to touch each marker while maintaining balance.

Aim to touch each marker 5 times then swap to other leg.





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