Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be caused by inflammation and dysfunction of the structures around the shoulder joint such as: shoulder bursitis, shoulder tendonitis, impingement syndrome or rotator cuff muscles and their tendons.

It is also possible that shoulder pain can be felt from a problem elsewhere in the body such as: the neck, nerves, upper back and even the diaphragm!  Physiotherapists are experts at assessing whether your pain is coming from the shoulder or another source.

The anatomy of the ball and socket joint, combined with the movements of the shoulder blade and collar bone make the shoulder an extremely complex mechanical system. Therefore, the shoulder is very sensitive to abnormal loads and tensions.

Repetitive actions and poor muscle control can contribute to the formation of shoulder pain.

Following a thorough assessment and diagnosis with East Cliff dedicated physiotherapists, you will discover that there are many treatments  available for managing shoulder pain. These include massage, joint mobilisation/manipulation, ultrasound, postural modification and a specialised home exercise programme. Our teams expertise will ensure that we find the right treatment to alleviate and manage your pain. Contact Us today to book an appointment.