1. What are the practice opening hours?
8am-6pm Monday- Friday

2. How soon can I be seen for treatment?
We can usually offer a next working day appointment and same day appointments are regularly available. We also run a cancellation list which will alert us to call if an appointment becomes available.

3. How long are the appointments?
Your initial appointment is usually 30 mins long  and will include assessment, treatment, advice and a tailored exercise programme. Subsequent treatments are 30 mins in duration. We do also offer extended assessment &/or treatment sessions of 60 mins which are charged at a different rate.

4. Do I need a doctor’s referral to have treatment?
You will only require a doctors referral if you have medical insurance and your policy requires it.

5. Can I claim on my medical insurance? and are you registered with my medical insurance company?
We are registered with all of the main insurance companies.  However, not all policies cover Physiotherapy so this will need to be checked prior to treatment. If your policy does cover Physiotherapy there may be an excess that needs to be paid by you prior to claiming treatment costs from the insurance company, we will discuss this with you before you start your treatment.

6. What are your payment terms?
Payment is required following completion of each treatment session unless we have direct settlement with your insurance company. Payment can be made by card or cash.

7. How many treatment sessions will I need?
Every patient and condition is different and it is therefore impossible to state exactly how many treatment sessions will be required. Your Physiotherapist will assess you and outline a treatment plan.  We will monitor progress and discuss this with you at each treatment session.

8. Do you have parking at the practice?
We have free parking at the front of the practice.

9. What are the treatment costs?

Please clink the link for a guideline to treatment costs

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us  or call: 01202 296969