Ergonomics – Work Place Adjustments

With millions of people suffering some sort of work related illness/injury every year, it is vital that we manage our working environment to limit injury.

The Physiotherapists at the East Cliff Physiotherapy Centre are all highly skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of work place & postural injuries and are involved with many large and small local businesses.

The majority of postural related injuries can be resolved with prompt, effective treatment. With advice and an exercise programme established further injury in the work place can be prevented.

One of our Physiotherapists would be more than happy to also carry out a Work Station Assessment (WSA) in your place of work if deemed appropriate.  They will then make suggestions of possible changes to the working environment which could benefit you as an individual. They will  also provide exercises and advice to help reduce the stresses and strains placed on your body, encountered as a result of sustained postural positions used on a daily basis.

For further information or advice on Ergonomics and Work Station Assessments please do not hesitate to contact us.

For an idea on cost of an individual work station assessment in your work place, please click here

(please contact the clinic if you are looking for multiple assessments within your business as prices may vary)