Sports Injuries

Injuries can be obtained from any activity from work stresses to sporting endeavors in anything from rugby to lawn bowls. Injuries can be a result of direct trauma or other external factors.

The Physiotherapists at East Cliff Physiotherapy Centre have a wide range of experience in the assessment and treatment of sporting related injuries. Our Physiotherapists have been involved with professional golf tours, premiership football & high-level athletes from various sporting backgrounds. They are also involved with many local sporting teams in Bournemouth and surrounding areas, offering discounts to various local teams/clubs on prior approval.

Some of the common problems our team specialise in the treatment of include:

– ITB Syndrome

– Cruciate Ligament Injuries

– Jumpers Knee/Patellar Tendinopathy

– Collateral Ligaments Injuries

– Meniscal (Cartilage) Injuries

– Anterior Knee Pain

This is obviously only a handful of the many sports related injuries that our Physiotherapists are specialists in treating.

For further advice or information on how we can help you please do not hesitate to contact us