Modified Pilates

East Cliff Therapy Centre is now proud to be able to offer Modified Pilates to our clients. Our qualified Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Ros Cox can provide individual sessions at the East Cliff Therapy Centre as well as classes in Parkstone and throughout Bournemouth.

An individual assessment will identify the areas of the body which require more flexibility, strengthening and improved functional movement.

What is Modified Pilates?

Modified Pilates is a form of dynamic stabilisation retraining. It helps to recondition the body from its central core (the lower back and pelvic region). Modified Pilates helps to prevent the recurrence of and provide treatment for a range of postural, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

Physiotherapists have designed the Modified Pilates repertoire specifically for use in the rehabilitation setting. Included are mat work exercises, which will be tailored depending on individual needs following an assessment. These are designed to promote core stability, flexibility, endurance, postural and body awareness and to correct muscle imbalances.

The Technique.

Pilates is based on the eight following principles.

Breathing – co-ordinated with the exercise so that exhalation occurs with the most difficult movement

Concentration– provides a work out for the mind and body

Control– essential when working against gravity in mat work exercises

Centering– exercises which primarily facilitate core stability, challenged through various arm and leg movements

Precision– a long-term goal. Routine in the techniques creates precision, which leads to greater awareness and control

Flow– performed evenly with continuous flowing movement

Integrated Isolation– routine allows one to recognise incorrect patterns of movement, isolate them and correct them

Routine– Repetition leads to greater skill and greater benefits

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