Elderly Rehabilitation

As we age the systems of our bodies change it can affect our ability to carry out daily activities. For example our muscles can become weaker which affects our ability to stand and walk and in addition may cause balance problems which increases the risk of falling. If this is not addressed and our strength and fitness deteriorates then we become less mobile and more dependent on others for every day tasks such as getting washed and dressed, shopping, cooking, cleaning and getting out and about.

Treatment with East Cliff Therapy Centre’s  Neuro Physiotherapists is aimed at the relief of symptoms and management of posture, designed to make your life as comfortable as possible. We aim to maintain your muscles’ ability to function, giving you advice on pressure care, looking after your lungs and support to obtain any aids and adaptions that you may need.

Rehabilitation for the older person therefore needs to start with a thorough assessment of your physical abilities and the impact of any difficulties  on daily activities. An individual treatment plan and goals can then be developed to maximise independence .

Treatment could include:

  1. Strengthening exercises to improve muscle strength in all areas of the body which in turn will assist the individual ‘s ability to carry out physical activities throughout the day.
  2. Practicing functional tasks such as moving in bed, standing up, getting in and out of the bath, being able to wash and dress, walking indoors or outdoors and assessing for a walking aid if necessary.
  3. Balance exercises and advice on falls prevention.
  4. Exercises and advice on incontinence.
  5. Advice on local services available to maintain independence
  6. Exercise and advice for patients with dementia.

Liasing with other professionals may be necessary to provide a comprehensive approach. For example Social Services & Occupational Therapists to assess for aids and adaptations to the home.